1. After selecting the package you wish to purchase at War of Omens page, select your Country.


2. Select available card (eg. Rixty) then follow the instructions to complete the redemption.


NOTE: Please ensure that your country is supported by GoCash Game Card before making any purchase.

1.       Purchase your GoCash Game Card at

2.       Visit Nexon Payment option

3.       Click More Methods (Login is required)


4.       Select Amount: Only listed amount is available.


5.       Find GoCashGameCard by Clicking “Show More”





6.       Select GoCash Game Card as Payment option and click next to go to GoCash Redemption page.

7.       Redeem your GoCash PIN.

1. Visit and login to your account.


2. Click on “Buy Platinum” from sidebar.


3. Click ‘Other’.


4. Click amount of Platinum.


5. Click “Ultimate Game Card” icon.


6. Now enter the Ultimate Game Card PIN you have purchased and press continue.


Attention: Battlefield 4 consist of 5 digital expansion of the following:

China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth, and Final Stand.

However, the Premium Membership doesn’t include Battlefield 4 itself. Battlefield 4 is sold separately.

Redemption guide below :

1. Launch Origin (Start>Programs>Origin and login2. Select “Redeem” Product Code…” in the “Origin” menu option
3. Follow the instructions to download and install Battlefield 4 Premium
4. Make sure Battlefield 4 is up to the date with the latest game update
5. You now have access to Battlefield 4 Premium content ingame and on Battlelog

IMPORTANT: iCash option is only redeemable for Warframe in MYR currency.

Below are the current conversion for iCash iCredits. (Note: Please refer to iCash website for the latest conversion rate)
45000 iCredits – $150.00RM
30000 iCredits – $100.00RM
9000 iCredits – $30.00RM
3000 iCredits – $10.00RM

To redeem your Warframe Platinum using iCash:

1. Login to your Warframe account.

2. Select iCash as redemption option.

3. Toogle the default currency to RM.

4. Select the value and insert the iCash code to redeem.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 1.59.19 PM


Denominations for Microsoft Points can vary for different regions because of currency differences. You can only use Microsoft Points in the country in which you purchased the points. If you try to use the points purchased in different region, you will receive an “Invalid Code” message when you try to use those specific codes in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

To check on your Microsoft billing information, login to your Live account and visit link below:



To redeem your Xbox Live subscription or Microsoft Points:

1. Login to your Live account.

2. Click “Add Points”. Select “Redeem Code” and click Next.

3. Enter your Microsoft Points  / Xbox Live code and click Done.

NOTE: Please ensure that your country is supported by Rixty before making any purchase.


1. Before purchasing Rixty game card, please visit your game’s checkout page to verify if it is supported by Rixty or check HERE.

2. Login to your Rixty account. Click on Redeem Code and fill in your Rixty Prepaid Card code.

3. After redeeming the Rixty point to your Rixty account, you may use the points to top up your game by clicking on “Games & Sites”. You may use the search box to look for your game or click “All” for all the supported games list.

4. Once you have found your game, click on it and you will be directed to the page with redeem guide to top-up your game.

1. Visit the link @

Then sign in to your account (Registered with United States address).

2. Enter your Steam Wallet Card code and click “Continue”.


1. Visit the link @ and login to your IAHGames account.

2. Click on “Billing > Top up” and select the game you are playing.

3. Choose “iCash” when prompted for payment option. Then click Proceed.

4. Enter the Top Up Code and Password, click on Proceed to confirm your redemption.

Visit the link below and select the type of redemption you wish to perform:

1. The illustrations below will demonstrate how to redeem for oversea games. Enter your MyCard serial number and password then click proceed.

2. Select your game or digital content.

3. Enter your game’s member ID and password and click confirm.


1. Login to your Battlenet account.

2. Click on “Games & Codes” and select “Add a Game Key”

3. Enter your CD Key / Game Time Card then click on “Redeem Code” to complete the redemption.


Note: If you encounter any issue adding a Game Card to your subscription, please try the following method to get the Game Card added into your game account.

  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Use a different web browser.
  • or, relogin back to your account and try again with your serial. You might encounter error on several occasion as Blizzard receives heavy traffic on their webpages.

1. Visit this link @

2. Select the game you want to redeem.

3. Select your redemption method “Woniu Card”

4. Fill in your account name and Woniu Card serial number and click “Next” to proceed.

1. Login to your Shanda Account.

2. Visit this link @

3. Select the game / digital content you want to redeem, fill in all the blanks and click “Next” to proceed.

To add a CD Key:

1. Login to your SWTOR account. Click on “Code Redemption” and hit the “Enter a Code” button.

2. Key in the CD Key code, check the Terms and Agreement box, then click “Continue”.


To add a Game Time card subscription:

1. Login to your SWTOR account. Click on “Subscription” then the “Game Time Code” button.

2. Key in the Game Time card serial code, check the Terms and Agreement box, then click “Continue”.

1. Login to your Sony Online Entertainment account.

2. From your account page select “Enter Activation Code”.

3. Enter your SOE serial code and click “Go” button to complete the redemption.

1. Login to your Runescape account.

2. Visit this link @

3. Enter your RuneScape game code and click “Start Playing Now”.

1. Visit the link below:

2. Select “Prepaid” option and choose “Epin”.

3. Enter the Epin serial code in the blank and click “Enter” to proceed.

1. Login to your Softnyx account @

2. Go to Cash Charge and select ePIN (Prepaid Card)

3. Enter your Softnyx Security Code and Serial No, then click on Submit to complete the redemption.

1. Login to your Nexon account.

2. Visit the link @ and select Karma Koin option.

3. Enter your Karma Koin code and click Validate.

1. Visit link @ and login to your Garena account.

2. Enter your transCard number and Card password. Then click “Redeem Garena Prepaid Card” to complete the redemption.

1. Please visit the link @ and click on OffGamers Gift Card to redeem.

FireShot Screen Capture #086 - 'Shasso' - www_shasso_com_storeCredit_index#topup

2. Enter the Serial number and PIN code. Click on Next to proceed to the next step and Store Credits will be issued to your Shasso account.

FireShot Screen Capture #087 - 'Shasso' - www_shasso_com_storeCredit_index#topup

1 . Please follow this guide to redeem your Asiasoft code first.

2. After @cash is reloaded , at @cash section,  click “Buy Joymax ePins (SilkRoad/KnightAge/Digimon)”


3. Accept the redemption Terms and Conditions.

4. Once completed the purchase, system will issue an email containing the ePin (16 digits) and serial number (8 digits) which will be sent to registered email account. The codes retrieved from the email will be use to charge Digimon Master Online credits at JOYMAX.

5. Login to your JOYMAX account


6. Select E-pin and fill in the code retrieved from your email.

Please follow the below guide to redeem your game card :

1. Visit and login to your Cherry Credits account @

2. Copy the serial no and security code which you purchased from us and paste it the the correct field.

3. Continue on click at the “submit” button to redeem the Cherry Credits to your account. Now visit the link @ to redeem the Cherry Credits to your game.

4. Look for the game you wish to redeem and click on “Redeem” Button. Scroll down the agreement and Click ” I Agree”. Select the product and Click “Purchase”.


Please follow the following guide to top up A-Cash into your account :

1. Login to your AsiaSoft account @

2. Once you have logged in, click on Top up @cash

3. Enter the serial and codes you have purchase.

4. Select “Top Up”

1. Login to your Wasabii account.

2. Click on “Payment” and select “储值点数”

3. Fill in your Wasabii card serial number and password, then click Submit.

Please follow the guide below to guide you to redeem:

1. Login to your Cubizone account @

2. After you have logged in, choose “Top-Up”

3. Click on “Top-Up Cubits”

4. Enter your username, password and the Top-up code, then complete the redemption by clicking on “Top-Up Now”

5. To learn how to use the Cubits to purchase item for your game, visit this link @

1. Login to your GamersFirst account and click on “Purchase G1C”.

2. Select your redeem option “Ultimate Game Card” and click Continue.

3. Select the amount you wish to purchase.

4. Enter your Ultimate Game Card pin and click “Add Card”.


1. Login to your Apple ID account. Click on the “Redeem” button.

2. Enter your Apple iTunes Gift Card code to complete the redemption.

You may apply a game serial to your account through Playstation Network web portal.

  1. In order to use the serial, do follow these simple guidelines below.
  2. To access your Playstation®Network account and the Playstation®Store, make sure you have Media Go application installed to your PC. Load Media Go application after installation is complete.
  3. Click on the PlayStation®Store via the selection list located on the left.
  4. Click on “Redeem Codes”.
  5. Sign in to your Playstation Network account.
  6. Ensure the serials combinations are correct and select continue. The funds or item will be added to your account.
    Serial : xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx

Item Code Redemption

Please login to your account and click here to submit your game code issues via our submission form, if you encounter difficulties in reloading the codes to your account.